The free resources below represent a diverse knowledge base specifically tailored to the camp environment.  Well utilized, your camp will be able to make quantum improvements in giving your campers and staff a world of good.  

The knowledge represented here is in the form of over 450 pages of text, 500 slides, and 10 hours of audio.

Organizational Effectiveness

Camp Activities

Evaluation Trilogy

Camper Development

Philosophy and Miscellaneous

Bob Ditter, M.Ed., LCSW, Camp Consultant
"This is a great and important book for the camp industry.  Any camp professional truly interested in delivering what they say they deliver -- quality experiences for children -- or making changes in their camp that increasingly make them "better" needs to read this book.  People tell me I've changed the industry over the past 20 years.  True or not, this book is the next level.  You can publicly say I said so."  In reference to the culture resource.  See full message in introduction.

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