Camp Activities

All of the resources are FULL and INCLUSIVE; they are designed to be used without any or much additional help.  You may download the audio files that accompany some resources here, but be aware that they are between 30 and 60 megabytes each!  Help applying this information and more is also available.






Accolades and foreword by Bob Ditter  (91K)



In the preparation of these resources, reviewers offered their suggestions for improvement.  These people also offered some words of praise for the quality and nature of the material.  Those comments were largely unsolicited.  In addition, Bob Ditter wrote a three page foreword, which can be read here.

Camp Activities

Archery  (80K)


5 pages

Article from Camp Magazine that I wrote on how to start an archery program, some things to keep in mind, and some pointers on running the program.  Additional resource notes offer what you need to get fully running!

Vespers (290K) 


43 pages

At camps, a vespers (assembly) event is often a time to convey some enduring value or principle.  Seven stories with processing questions are provided, as is a framework for conducting a vespers session. 

Special days (518K)


8 pages

When the normal program stops and special activities are called for, use some of these ideas.

Forgotten period (167K)


12 pages

To help campers develop and have fun, use the period many camps forget about.

Rainy days (391K)


2 pages

Rainy day ideas that make a splash!

Over 450 pages of text
Over 500 presentation slides
Digital audio files for all presentations - about 10 hours
3 resources on evaluation
17 resources on organizational effectiveness
7 resources on camper development
6 resources on camp activities

All specifically addressing the camp audience
The equivalent of five book-length texts

Bob Ditter, M.Ed., LCSW, Camp Consultant
"This is a great and important book for the camp industry.  Any camp professional truly interested in delivering what they say they deliver -- quality experiences for children -- or making changes in their camp that increasingly make them "better" needs to read this book.  People tell me I've changed the industry over the past 20 years.  True or not, this book is the next level.  You can publicly say I said so."  In reference to the culture resource.  See Ditter's full message on the cd.

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