Experience & Background


  • 23 full summers at camps across the country (e.g., from California to Maine and world
    (i.e., Australia and New Zealand). 
    • Camp characteristics included:   both centralized and decentralized camps; from
      1 – 8 weeks; camp sizes from 60 children to over 400; single gender and coed
      camps; affiliations – agency, religiously affiliated, independent for profit, and
      independent not for profit; and from free to $1500 per week.
    • Has been a director of a camp with 400 children and 115 staff, and a camp with
      90 children and 54 staff. 
  • Directed three different summer camps, currently at www.campaugusta.org
    • Camp is sold out every year with only $120 spent on marketing annually (web server)
    • Camper and staff return rates in the 80-90% range (depending on year)


  • Doctorate in psychology with concentrations in developmental, social, and
    organizational psychology
  • Conducted several original camp outcome, research evaluations
  • Taught at 3 universities, including child development at Westmont


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